MAITHUNA is one of the most beautiful, loving, intimate, subtle and – at the same time – powerful practices that Tantrism has to offer.

It is the deepest possible communication and connection between two human beings … heart to heart, we literally are breathing our souls into each other … getting one with our partner and the great Whole…

It is the coronation and completion of the WAVE OF BLISS, depicted on ancient Tantric temples and artworks.. This queen’s discipline of Tantrism leads us into pure consciousness, into divine unity and into a never known ecstatic physio-spiritual dimension – a dimension in which we can comprehend and embrace our true divine origin.

We believe that we will not only spend unique seminar- weekends together, but that we can contribute – hand in hand with you – to a better life-quality and future for ourselves, our children and our whole environment….

The energy flow and -exchange can also be felt through clothes, so there is no need to be naked. Everyone may put off as many clothes as he/she wants to feel good.

Also there is no penetration during the seminar. But you can go for it at home … 😉
You will be amazed how much you will enjoy lovemaking again …