Most of us are not aware that Tantrism, like all other mystical spiritual teachings, originated in the HERMETIC Tradition of ancient Egypt. From it also emerged the ALCHEMY, which is closely connected with the Tantric Sexual Magic. In ALCHEMY, which can trace its origins back to Al Khem, ANCIENT EGYPT, the sacred act of love between woman and man was the most powerful physical, psychological and energetic experience ever, holding the key to the great Alchemical Mysteries.

What for Tantrics  is a TANTRIC UNION , was a MYSTICAL  WEDDING for the Alchemists.
Incidentally, women always played an important role in the alchemical tradition as well as in the tantric tradition.

Alchemy was a highly developed spiritual tradition, perceiving  a corresponding metaphysical reference in every physical process. Therefore, every tiny aspect of reality was so significant to its followers.

Does that remind you of the reality-relatedness and awareness of CASHMIRAN TANTRISM? Being in the HERE and NOW, we can gain knowledge and enlightenment ….

The alchemists sought in all things the DIVINE SPARK , and perceived the connectedness of all living things that it created. They called this vital spark of divine energy PRIMA MATERIA, the basic matter from which life is created. The Tantrics call it the LUMINOUS ENERGY OF SHAKTI.

The angel Amnael, who carried the divine spark of life in a jar on his head, is said to have revealed to the goddess ISIS the great alchemical secrets, including the mystery of the PRIMA MATERIA, the luminous urgency that animates everything. In this way, Isis became the lineage holder and Blessed Mother of Alchemy, who revealed and delivered to her followers the secret teachings.

Here I should mention that ISIS and OSIRIS, as well as JESUS and MARIA MAGDALENA teere considered he first tantric couples in the Western World …

The task of the alchemist was to track down and analyze the elemental components of the Prima Materia in order to gain a thorough knowledge of the mysteries of life … At a higher level, the teachings of Alchemy and Tantrism are an exhibition of gnosis, the immediate EXPERIMENTAL KNOWLEDGE that the Master has acquired in the course of his / her metaphysical practices.
However, the main purpose of these Masters was  and is the enlightened state of HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS and their secret practices have been developed to transform all aspects of their being.They had the ability to focus their powers and thus were able to influence both their PHYSICAL and PSYCHIC LANDSCAPES.

“Turning lead into gold” is therefore only a symbol of its quest to transmute into fully conscious beings of light.

When we consider that the word CHEMISTRY has evolved from ALCHEMIE, we can grasp that even our “modern” life is rooted in the mystical teachings of antiquity…

Maybe it’s time to return to the source ….

In these pictures you can see alchemists who made history through their mystical knowledge: Pythagoras, Galileo, Da Vinci, Newton, Napoleon …

Gratefully your’s,