This is the 3rd hermetic law that we can read in the KYBALYON, the Hermetic bible…

And it is also the essence of TANDAVA, a thousand of years old Tantric meditation-art…
We move, we dance, we vibrate in this meditation with the universe, with the all, which is constantly in a very high vibration.
We attune ourselves to it, feel the so called SPANDA, the vibration with the Cosmos and all of our armouring can be blown up and fall away from us.

The lowest vibration frequency is the matter. It consists of oscillating and rotating atoms.
When a tone gets higher, its frequency increases. At some point it gets so high that we can no longer hear it. Just as you can reproduce a sound by making an instrument vibrate in a certain way, you can create mental states as you wish.

When a material object turns or swings fast enough, it becomes invisible and inaudible to the human senses. It leaves the material level and rises to the spiritual level.

We can bring our THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS and CONDITIONS to a certain vibration, so to speak “INCREASE” them and thus attract better experiences.
Every THOUGT, every FEELING and every WISH vibrates and attracts experiences that vibrate similarly.

A certain part of our thought vibrations influences the mind of other people and also the material level around us through INDUCTION.
So by raising our vibrations, our mood, we can change the vibration of material levels and forms of energy and accomplish “WONDER”.

The best (tantric) practices to understand, apply and exalt the Law of Vibration include TANDAVA as you can see in the video below, CASHMIRY MASSAGE and SEXUAL MAGIC ….


… at least the power over ourselves … 😉