As Mithunas or Maithunas (Sanskrit: मैथुन = “union”, “couple”, “wedding”),are described in indian art so-called “Heavenly Love Couples” which we can see on Temples and Toranas. Maithuna sculptures are spread all over India; but they are more frequent in North India than in the south of the country.

For Tantrism these are not representations of sexual positions but representations of Yogi-couples united in ecstasy, which serve as a universal symbol for spiritual enlightenment.

Here you can see tantric sculptures on the walls of the Kandarîya Mahadeveda Temple in Khajuraho. This temple is dedicated to Shiva and was built between 1025 and 1050.

Kajuraho is one of the most beautiful expressions of ancient Tantra, that one can still see anywhere on earth. Here the Tantricas were celebrating and embracing every aspect of being… In the sculptures women are showing delightfully off their female curves, while men are showing off their masculin power. Life was such a great celebration, that for hundreds and hundreds of years, artists expressed the most intimate, delicate, exquisit detailes of any aspect of humanity.