When did YOU have your last experience with unity?

I had it a few days ago, when I was swimming and dancing naked in the sea and in the magical nature of Greece… I was feeling myself as a part of the Creation and deeply connected with it. My intellect came to rest, and I only relentlessly enjoyed my existence….

This deep longing for unity accompanies us all from the very beginning of our earthly life. We are actually coming out of unity.
But in the 3rd – 4th month of life we start to be confronted with separation and duality … by feeling the fear of the people around us, by being continually conditioned by society and by slowly developping our ego.

When unity is our source, why are we actually born into this, sometimes cruel, world?
The old Tantric masters thought that our life serves to get CONSCIENT of unity, which until then had been merely an ecstasy we had not been aware of.
We are nothing else than a soul, that is allowed to make the experience of being human, on the path to absolute consciousness…

Our ardent desire for sexual union is the result of longing for unity. A normal sexual act can indeed be very beautiful, but never satisfy this original longing.
Tantra understands sexuality as the moving force of life, which is on a journey from duality, from personal ego-conflicts to the experience of cosmic union.
It is the merging of the male and female principle – not only in the couple, but also in our own heart. Our ecstasy then no longer depends on our union with another, but expresses itself as a state of permanent love, which reflects the inner union of universal energy with absolute consciousness.

MAITHUNA is the sacred union of Shiva and Shakti. Man and woman are connected again to the Cosmos by the conscious game with their sexual life energy. It is a game that knows no boundaries and leads to conscious ecstasy. The body transforms into pure energy, while consciousness becomes the aware witness of this transformation….