Sensual Holidays in Greece, June 1st-7th …‍♀️‍♂️‍♀️‍♂️
When I first made the acquaintance of Kizomba in a dancing bar in Vienna, I thought to myself: “That is pure meditation!”
People where dancing with closed eyes to mesmerizing rhythms, a blissful smile on their faces, embracing each other in a very gentle way…They seemed to have forgotten everything around them …
My dearest wish was to learn as soon as possible this fascinating dance, which for me symbolizes the mystical unity of sensuality and spirituality par excellence,
Now, after several years of dancing it, Kizomba feels like a kiss right into my heart … this beautiful feeling of getting one breath, one movement, one flow, has created a smile in my heart and deep joy in my life… and I would like to share this feeling with you in the first week of the Sensual Holidays.

This week we will discover a new dimension of blissful corporeality, of quality of life and awareness through mindfully and playfully dancing and we will refine and deepen the CONNECTION to ourselves, to our (dancing-)partners, to the music and to space.
We will also activate our flow of breath and energy, learn to perceive the FLOW of our movements and emotions more consciously, play with the masculine and feminine polarities and improve the posture and suppleness of our body.
Far away from mass tourism, in the magical nature of Greece, we will dance daily Kizomba on the beach or pool – where the videos in the above link were recorded- we will meditate, practice Fascia-Yoga, Yoga of Emotions & Yoga of Touch.
We will swim in the deep blue Mediterranean Sea and in the breathtaking waterfalls of Mount Olympus, celebrate romantic beach parties and spend a night immersed in the crazy nightlife of the cheerful Greeks …
Special guest-teachers:
Joshua Dos Santos Campos & Abdu-lindo Timy
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Individuality and personal contact with each participant are important to us, so there are only a limited number of places available. Since the Sensual Holidays 2018 were completely booked out weeks before, we recommend you to register as soon as possible.