The Magic of Tantric Cashmiri – Massage

The ancient Tantric Masters have carefully studied the human beings and have developed powerful healing practices that are more relevant than ever in our modern, breathless time …

One of them is the CASHMIRI MASSAGE, which is actually not a massage as we know it, but one of the most fascinating, blissfull and transforming partner- meditations from the Tantric Tadition of Cashmiri Shaivism in North India. It  opens our heart and let it bloom like a flower and leads us out of duality, contradictions & painful separation, into ONENESS and into a deep INTIMACITY with ourselves, our partner and the whole cosmos.

Through this Tantric Art, we can again consciously connect with our DIVINE WHOLENESS, feel our divine spark and contribute to our own EVOLUTION and the evolution of the world around us.

It is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to another  person … the second most beautiful thing in the world 😉

Like art, it unites all cultures, religions and races and leads us out of duality, contradictions and painful separation, into UNITY – a deep intimacy with ourselves, our partner and the whole Cosmos. So we can come into touch with our own DIVINE WHOLENESS…


… is the BASIS of the Cashmirian Massage, which is nothing else than Tandava with the soul and on the body of a partner.
By practicing this moving meditation, we learn qualities such as mental silence and relaxed serenity, presence, increased body awareness, surrendering to our sensations, playing with our breathing energy, activating the power of the pelvis, the tigerlike smooth movements …
All this and much more makes it possible for us to really understand the mystical essence of the Cashmirian Massage.


The communication through touch is much deeper and more intimate than words can ever be, because we have cosmic bodies that are equipped with all the wisdom of the universe.

To touch and to be touched, is one of the basic needs of every human being. Not being touched starves our soul, our body solidifies and our heart closes. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is dominated by the fear of touching. Just do not get too close, is our motto, but if we do so, it’s often combined with explicit sexual intention.


To give a Cashmiri-Massage means to communicate without any intention, mindfully and lovingly, in total presence with the other and to let him feel our limitless admiration for what he is.

It also means, not only to touch his skin and the body,  but also his heart, his soul and the deepest levels of his being.


When we perceive with sensitive, empathetic hands the needs of the other – even the cries for help of his vulnerable bodysoul – he can gradually let go of all his blockades and fears and he can finally cease to armor himself and to fight. Then he can surrender to the boundless well-being of unrestricted acceptance, to the feeling of security and deep trust, which makes him understand his wholeness and opens his heart to absolute love.

Touching in that way finally means to be one with the touched and to sense the whole universe in our hands and our bodies, to reach consciously for the Divine and communicate with the nature of your own spirit.