Egyptian Tantrism is the most secret Tantric tradition. It’s tradition has barely reached the public until now.
It origins in Hermetism and the Cult of Isis, which was widespread in antiquity not only in Egypt, but throughout the Mediterranean.

The mystics of ancient traditions, such as the Egyptian Alchemists, the Greek Hermeticists and the Eastern Tantrikas, were masters in the art of activating the cosmic energies and metaphysical powers inherent in each of us, and thus they could invite the MIRACLE into their lives …

One of the intriguing aspects of this mystical path is the fact that women carry an alchemical key that, with the gift of being activated by the beloved during a SACRED UNION, can open the doors to an unprecedented expansion of consciousness and ecstasy.

This can open the female creation mystery. When the lovers then have learned to fuse their energy bodies intimately, a radiant magnetism can emerge that can pull everything we desire deeply into our lives and influence our reality.

But these breathtaking events can only take place on the ground of deep CONFIDENTIALITY, VALUE APPRECIATION and LOVE. Without them, all practices are only techniques that will lead, except to a brief satisfaction, to no enchanting and exhilarating transformation.

During this seminar, we will get deep insights into this secret doctrine, which can turn normal sex into a SURPRISING CREATIVE ACT that transforms and shapes our very existence and let blossom our love relationships.

This weekend you will extend your mastery of he DIVINE TANTRIC TOUCH to the Sacred Zones of the INTIMATE AREA. We will carefully put into your hands an ALCHEMICAL KEY to an enchanting BODY-HAPPINESS, and to a deep, long- lasting DELIGHT OF THE SOUL, arising from the sweet nectar of blissful ecstasy.