In my Tantra-Yoga seminars I let my participants get in touch with the movements of the Sacred Dance.

There are theories that say that the Sacred Dance and Yoga were developed in about the same era – approx. 7000-10.000 years ago – and would have inspired each other. Therefore, we can also observe a significant similarity in gestures, movements and effects:

  • Sacred Dances are meditation in motion. We become aware of our vertical energy by feeling that we are connecting  space between heaven and earth through our being. Our feet are rooted into the earth and on our crown rests the infinity of the sky. Above and below become one, in us and through us.
  • Freeing our pelvis. For almost all tantric practices the pelvis needs to be free of coercion and rigidity and should move smoothly in all directions. The pelvis is potentially a place of intense feeling and great power and the strength of the entire body depends on its strength and flexibility.Letting go our pelvis and swinging and swaying the hips, touches  deep social and sexual taboos. But for the pelvis there are no permitted or forbidden movements, there is only rigidity or flexibility.

  • Expansion of our consciousness. Through the supple movements of our pelvis slumbering energy is transmuted  and brought into life. The twinkling colour- fields of our Chakras and the Kundalini-Serpent-Power is awakened and  we become connected with Cosmic Energy through our crown.
    By dancing we transform matter into energy, coarse movement into subtle awareness and body into mind. And yet even this is only symbolic because body and mind are an inseparable unity.
  • We are connecting contradictions. By uniting sensuality and spirituality, grace and power, passion and peace of mind, pride and supple serenity through our dance, we liberate our body and heal our soul. Basically, it’s all about the omnipresent energy, the feeling of connection with all that is and the realization that there is no death. Only the manifestations, in which energy is organized, are changing. Nothing is fixed. The most terrible contains the most delightful, the deepest contains the highest and what decays and rots nourishes new life.
    Out of polarity, unity is created which we embed into infinity …

  • The dance teaches us to be present in this very moment- beyond fear of the future, beyond burdens of the past and the disruption of daily life. We regain the feeling of just being present, of the sheer joy of existence.
  • By dancing we get the feeling of flowing, a playful sensation from our childhood, which enables us to achieve the difficult balancing act of exercising our free will and surrendering to the pulse of life.
  • Sacred Dance means resonating and pulsating with the eternal rhythm of the universe. By dancing we can free ourselves from culture related norms and conditioning, from self imposed disciplinary measures and blockades. The natural ecstasy created by the dance carries us beyond our separateness and isolation. In a playful way we reconnect with the vibrant force of life and get an idea of its unity and wholeness.  We are transforming into a sparkling energy field, in which the entire cosmos pulsates, and shivers of delight flow through us.

  • The dance widens and opens our hearts, we make space for our feelings. The great reconciliation with ourselves and others can begin. When the body is moving, the heart is also set into motion and love may flow.
  • In our modern times, in which women often downplay their femininity to be taken seriously, the archaic dance gives us the opportunity to communicate with the eternal woman in us and to once again learn how to appreciate and love ourselves.
    It is a celebration of feminine grace, beauty, strength, sensuality and spirituality. It offers us the chance to experience the whole magnificence  and dignity of our womanhood and helps us to heal our body and soul.