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Project Description

The Divine Touch

June 2nd – 10th & 11th – 14th 2018


For more than twenty years, I have the privilege of living in Greece, enjoying its magical nature, its carefree mediteranean mentality and its unique cultural treasures.

It has become my second home … perhaps because it is the only country in Europe where the spiritual tradition of Tantrism was widespread in ancient times ….
There is hardly an ancient tantric temple in India where greek artists and architects had not put their hands on …
And these artists then brought the Tantric philosophy to their motherland.


The powerful energy and mystical beauty of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, attracts countless people year after year. He has always been the legendary seat of the Gods … majestic and mythical …
It is the sacred mountain of Europe, just as Mount Kailash – the home of Shiva – is sacred to Asians.

The Mediterranean Sea, which gently undulates at his feet, has always played a major role in the ancient mystical traditions: here the adepts were given in its waters their last great initiation by the priestesses …


Under these circumstances, it is only too understandable that I have a vision for many years now: to be a hostess in this enchanting, beautiful country … to all people who want to make not only unforgettable holidays, but also unique spiritual and sensual experiences … and to share with them my love for Greece, but espacially for the Authentic Tantrism and the Sensual Dance.

I am so happy that I discovered – far away from any mass tourism – a cozy boutique-hotel at the foot of Mount Olympus, right on the turquoise-blue sea with its endless sandy beaches. It’s a gem where you can  take time for yourself,  let go of the stress and pressure of everyday-life and begin to sense yourself again.

Here I invite you – – together with like-minded people from all over the world, who share the same interests and passions with you – to explore new, exciting dimensions of inner growth, profound transformation and deep joy of being alive.

And perhaps you will take those experiences home with you – as impulses and valuable inspirations, which can change your everyday life.

Sometimes we just have to travel afar to be close to ourselves 😉 …

Additionally we offer from June 11th-14th a special HIGHLIGHT for those who want to dive even deeper into the Tantric Essence:


The TANTRIC WAVE is one of the most fascinating, sacred, transformative and mysterious tantric rituals, that leads us into pure consciousness, into Divine Oneness and into an unprecedented ecstatic physio-spiritual dimension – a dimension in which we can comprehend and embrace joyfully our true divine origin.

It is a loving, meditative, subtle, yet very powerful tantric practice that enables the deepest possible communication between two human beings. Heart to heart, we become one with our partner and the Great Whole…

It is a special honor and pleasure for me, to introduce you together with my former teacher LAURENT LACOSTE from France, to this precious Tantric Essence… as a part of the SENSUAL HOLIDAYS, in the deeply nourishing energy field of Mount Olympus, the seat of the Gods, and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea…
Laurent is the director of SKYDANCING TANTRA INTERNATIONAL and one of the most experienced and intriguing tantra teachers of our time… He, Laurence Heitzmann and MARGOT ANAND initiated me into this Sacred Rutual during my training as a Skydancing International Tantra Teacher.

All participants of this intensive-seminar will receive an INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE.The holiday-seminar from June 2nd – 10th can serve as a recommendable preparation for this Intensive-Training, but is not obligatory.

MARGOT ANAND, the grande dame of Neotantrism and founder of SKYDANCING TANTRA, decades before made these deeply transforming practices of antiquity accessible and comprehensible to the modern western world.


People who want a more pleasurable and fullfilling (love)life, who have the courage to explore together with us new levels of consciousness, who are fond of diving deeply into the secrets of tantric wisdom and mysticism and then are ready to realize this knowledge in their everyday life, are warmly invited. And it does not matter if they are experienced tantricas or interested beginners.
We believe that we will not only spend some unique holidays together, but that we can contribute – hand in hand with you – to a better life-quality and future for ourselves, our children and our whole environment….


During the Sensual Holidays, there is the opportunity to personally exchange a healing Cashmirian Massage with one of the teachers.

Please see  the latest posts for the event on:


As a former nutrition- therapist and bestselling author, I give great attention to a well-balanced diet. We mainly will offer you delicious recipes from my book, which will keep you in shape, vital and healthy. The ingredients are usually from local producers and  mostly of organic quality.


In collective taxis from Thessaloniki Airport. They bring you in about 50 minutes to our holiday paradise. In a taxi can sit up to 4 people and it costs € 80 per ride/taxi.c.


The number of participants for this week is limited, as we have only 15 rooms available.  We therefore recommend you to register as soon as possible.

The seminars will be led in German and English

In June 2018 we will focus on TANTRA-YOGA.
At other dates, we will also offer holidays, where we are mainly dedicated to the SENSUAL DANCE, such as Kizomba, Tarraxinha etc…

We are looking very much forward to experiencing together with you rushing waves of body-happiness and soul‘s delight…

Gratefully your’s
Elisabeth & Team


👉Early-Bird till March 20th ……….490 €
👉 from March 21st ……………………. 540€👈

☀️ OPEN AIR TANDAVA in the sea, on the beach, in          the spacious garden, on Mount Olympus
☀️ DIVINE TOUCH… there is unlimited time to                   practice & enjoy the Tantric Cashmirian Massage
☀️ Introduction to the EGYPTIAN TANTRISM
☀️ Introduction to SENSUAL DANCE (Kizomba) with an international top dancing teacher from Africa
☀️ Tantric INITIATION-RITUAL in the Mediterranean         Sea
☀️ … and many more breathtaking SURPRISES … 🙂

☀️ Private-Fitness-Training in the wild nature,  solo           or in small groups
☀️ Shopping & Sightseeing in Thessaloniki
☀️ Meditative excursion to the fairytale like                       waterfalls of Mount Olympus

👉 € 170/person
Couples get a special price of
👉 € 150/person

DEADLINE: May 7th, 2018

Special room rates for our group per room with half-board:

02-10 Juni 2018:

Classic Double………………………..80 Euro
Superior Double Olympus View……92 Euro
Deluxe Double Sea View……………102 Euro
Superior Suite………………………..144 Euro
V.I.P Private Villa…………………….160 Euro

From June 11th begins the main season and there are the following special prices for our group:

Classic Double:……………………….95 Euro
Superior Double Olympus View……105Euro
Deluxe Double Sea View…………….115 Euro
Superior Suite……………..150 Euro/ bis zu 4 Personen
V.I.P Villa……………………250 Euro/bis zu 4 Personen

If you are sharing a room
with another participant, of course you are paying only the half price.
Please tell the hotel if you wish separate beds.

For a double room for single use you are paying the above prices minus 10%.

We will pick you up from the airport of Thessaloniki for a low transfer price and bring you in about 50 minutes to our holiday- paradise.
Please book the flight yourself … There are super cheap flights with Ryan Air.

Seminar leader : Elisabeth Kastanakis &                                                    Laurent Lacoste

The number of participants for this week is limited, because we want to keep this first holiday-group small and intimate.
We therefore recommend you to register as soon as possible.

If you are participating with a partner, we kindly ask you to mention him/her in the registration-form and that he/she then registers again separately … So 1 couple =2 registrations …

Of coarse all your data will be kept confidentially.
After sending us the completed form we will send you a confirmation of your registration into your mailbox.
In case you will not receive a confirmation of your registration, please contact us at:

In order that our informations, forms & newsletters will arrive at you, please add the above email- address to your contacts of your email provider.

We will consider your registrations in the order of their arrival.

We will gladly answer your questions regarding this event and help you organize your trip on the messenger of Elisabeth Kastanakis & also by mail to