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… in the enchanting nature of Greece…

Olympus Riviera
June 1st-7th  &  8th-14th  2019

At the foot of Mount Olympus, right on the turquoise-blue Mediteranean-Sea with its endless sandy beaches, I warmly invite you to let go everything that feels not good for you, to release your pressure and stress and dive deeply into your body, into your innermost being, into the wisdom of your heart and to live blissfully, with all your senses, every single moment of the omnipresent flow of life.

The ancient tantric masters did not only know fascinating love secrets, but also the high art of being fully alive…
And I am happy to be allowed to share these secrets of ancient Cashmirian and Egyptian Tantrism with you – in the magical energy-field of Mount Olympus, the sacred mountain of Europe, the seat of the Gods.

In addition, I will have international experts at my side, who will help to greatly increase your zest and quality of life with their skills, their experience and their enthusiasm for what they are offering.

Special guest teachers:
Joshua dos Santos Campos from Brasil
Abdu-lindo Timy from the Ivory Coast

When I first made the acquaintance of Kizomba in a dancing bar in Vienna, I thought to myself: “That is pure meditation!”
People where dancing with closed eyes to mesmerizing rhythms, a blissful smile on their faces, embracing each other in a very gentle way…They seemed to have forgotten everything around them …
My dearest wish was to learn as soon as possible this fascinating dance, which for me symbolizes the mystical unity of sensuality and spirituality par excellence,
Now, after several years of dancing it, Kizomba feels like a kiss right into my heart … this beautiful feeling of getting one breath, one movement, one flow, has created a smile in my heart and deep joy in my life… and I would like to share this feeling with you in the first week of the Sensual Holidays.

This week we will discover a new dimension of blissful corporeality, of quality of life and awareness through mindful and playful dancing and we will refine and deepen the CONNECTION to ourselves, to our (dancing-)partners, to the music, to space, to exsistence itself…
We will also activate our flow of breath and energy, learn to perceive the FLOW of our movements and emotions more consciously, play with the masculine and feminine polarities and improve the posture and suppleness of our body.
Far away from mass tourism, in the magical nature of Greece, we will dance daily Kizomba on the beach or pool – where the videos were recorded- we will meditate, practice Fascia-Yoga, Yoga of Emotions & Yoga of Touch.
We will swim in the deep blue Mediterranean Sea and in the breathtaking waterfalls of Mount Olympus, celebrate romantic beach parties and spend a night immersed in the crazy nightlife of the warm hearted Greeks …

Individuality and personal contact with each participant are important to us, so there are only a limited number of places available. Since the Sensual Holidays 2018 were completely booked out weeks before, we recommend you to register as soon as possible.
Suitable for both beginners and advanced in Tantra & Kizomba.


In this powerful retreat we will focus on SAMADHI – the deepest spiritual immersion – on polarity and divine unity, on psychodynamic magnetism, on purpose of life, on TANTRIC LOVE, SEXUAL MAGIC and SACRED RELATIONSHIP according to the MYSTERY SCHOOLS of ancient KASHMIR and EGYPT.
You will get mastery in the Art of Tantric Touch and the authentic CASHMIRIAN MASSAGE and we will INAUGURATE YOU INTO THE HOLY TANTRIC ESSENCE.
After 30 years of living in Greece, I have a deep connection with its earth- and water energies, with the elements and the wild nature… In this training I will guide you to energy places, where you can recharge with life force.
It is not just a seminar but a returning to our source, to our divine core of being, a SOUL INITIATION PROCESS, a living experience within our loving, ecstatic TANTRIC FAMILY. Together we become the seeds, that will blossom and will contribute to the RADIANT EVOLUTION of our planet and it’s creatures.
After this seminar you will be ready to take the prescious Tantric Wisdom Treasure with you into your every day life and share it with the whole world… All participants of this INTENSIVE RETREAT will receive a INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE.
Beginners are just as welcome as advanced.

Special guest teacher:
Tantra Yoga-Master Willy Bergena from Guadeloupe.
He also teaches traditional Indian Yoga, which is far away from our modern western “fitness yoga” and represents embodied spirituality.
The soft asanas reconcile our body, mind and soul and give us back the suppleness of the serpent and the tiger, the two animals that symbolise ancient Tantrism. A relaxed, supple and strong body is a prerequisite for practicing Tantra, in all its facets …

What came first … Tantra or Yoga … ??

According to some ancient scriptures, all modern forms of Yoga are said to have evolved from the millennia-old TANDAVA, the mystical dance of Shakti / Shiva ….
From Tandava has also evolved the TANTRIC CASHMIRIAN MASSAGE, a meditative love-dance between two body- souls, which can lead to wholeness and divine unity …

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June 1st-7th

Included in the seminar-contribution:

☀️ Daily mindful KIZOMBA-WORKSHOP on the beach or at the pool
☀️ Daily MEDITATION on the beach, in the beautidul garden or  at the breathtaking waterfalls of Mount Olympus
☀️ Hot  GOODBYE BEACH PARTY with our star-DJ Coração from Brasil
☀️ Sun, fun, swimming, relaxing….
☀️ … and many other unique surprises


June 8th -14th

Included in the seminar-contribution: 
☀️ Daily HATA-YOGA and AFRICAN YOGA on the beach or in the garden
☀️ Daily OPEN AIR TANDAVA  on the beach, in the spacious garden or at the breathtaking waterfalls of Mount
☀️ DIVINE TOUCH… there is unlimited time to learn, practice & enjoy the TANTRIC CASHMIRIAN MASSAGE
Tantric group coaching
☀️ Practices from the ancient TANTRISM OF CASHMIR & EGYPT
☀️ Tantric Rituals
☀️ Romantic beach parties
☀️ Swimming and relaxing in the enchanting nature of Greece …
☀️ … and many other unique surprises…

☀️ Meditative excursion to the fairytale like waterfalls of Mount Olympus
☀️ Shopping & Sightseeing in Thessaloniki
☀️ Cooking class in Greek kitchen

Both seminar weeks are suitable for both beginners and advanced.

It is important to me to have time and personal contact for every single participant. Therefore, I will mix with the group, practice with my participants personally and keep the groups small and intimate.

We are looking very much forward to spending unforgettable holidays with you in which we will share and enjoy our passion for the Tantric Path, the Sensual Dance and the wild, untouched nature.

Elisabeth Kastanakis & Team

About my philosophy:

Special room rates for our group at our cozy 5-star boutique hotel
Per double-room with delicious half-board:

Classic Double____________________________49 Euro/ 40 Euro in triple room/ 35 Euro in quadruple room/for single use 94 Euros
Superior Double Olympus View__________54 Euro/ 43 Euro in triple room/ 37 Euros in quadruple room/for single use 110 Euros
Deluxe Double Sea View_________________63  Euro/ 49 Euros in triple room/ 42 Euros in quadruple room
Superior Suite____________________________86 Euro/ 64 Euros in triple room/ 53 Euros in quadruple room
V.I.P Private Villa_________________________108 Euro/ 79 Euros for three/ 64 Euros for four

Please tell the hotel if you wish separate beds.

Early-Bird per seminar-week till April 10th: € 490 
from April 2nd: 540€

Early-Bird for both seminar-weeks till April 10th: € 940
from April 2nd: € 1040

You can book ONE seminar-week or BOTH for a special SPECIAL PRICE.
Both seminar weeks are suitable for beginners as well as advanced students.

When registering as a couple, together you will receive an additional  discount of € 20; you are free whether to you practice together and share a room or not. Important for the seminars is only the balance between men and women. Please enter the second person in the registration form.
SINGLES are also welcome … It often happens that two fall in love during one of my seminars 😉

DEADLINE: May 7th, 2019


Seminar leaders : Elisabeth Kastanakis, Joshua dos Santos Campos, Abdu-lindo Timy, Willy Bergena

We will pick you up from the airport of Thessalonikiin in collective taxis for a low transfer price and bring you in about 50 minutes to our holiday-paradise.
Please book the flight yourself … There are super cheap flights with Wizz Air & Ryan Air.

Large breakfast- and dinner- buffet with regional delicacies, mostly organic, also for vegetarians and vegans. Lactose and gluten intolerances are respected.

Since the last Sensual Holidays were completely booked out weeks before, we recommend you to register as soon as possible, so that we can reserve a place for you.

We start on Saturday, June 1st, at 11.00 with a SEMBA BOOTSCAMP.  In the evening we will have dinner together and at 21.00 there will be a big welcome-party…

If you are participating with a partner, we kindly ask you to mention him/her in the registration-form and that he/she then registers again separately … So 1 couple =2 registrations …

Of coarse all your data will be kept confidentially.
After sending us the completed form we will send you a confirmation of your registration into your mailbox.
In case you will not receive a confirmation of your registration, please contact us at:

In order that our informations, forms & newsletters will arrive at you, please add the above email- address to your contacts of your email provider.

We will consider your registrations in the order of their arrival.

We will gladly answer your questions regarding this event and help you organize your trip on the messenger of Elisabeth Kastanakis & also by mail to