Sensual Holidays 2019

LET THE HEALING BEGIN ... ... in the enchanting nature of Greece... Olympus Riviera June 1st-7th  &  8th-14th  2019 At the foot of Mount Olympus, right on the turquoise-blue Mediteranean-Sea with its endless sandy beaches, I warmly invite you to let go everything that feels not good for you, to release your pressure and stress and dive [...]


Divine Touch – Sexual Magic

  "WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS, ALLOWED TO MAKE A HUMAN EXPERIENCE, NOT HUMANS, TRYING TO MAKE A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE..." Do you long for MAGIC in your life ... and above all in your love-life ? A MAGIC that has been lost in our materialistic, intellectual, breathless, stressful society... ? In the second part of this MASTERCLASS we will rediscover it 😊...   The mystics [...]


Divine Touch – The Language of Love

For us tantricas, touch is the LANGUAGE OF LOVE par excellence. It opens our heart like a flower, heals and nourishes the soul, lets the body shudder with delight, overcomes the painful separateness and leads us to divine oneness. The first weekend of this two-part MASTERCLASS opens the gateway to the mastery in the art of Tantric Touch. This will enable you to touch [...]