In this powerful retreat we will focus on SAMADHI – the deepest spiritual immersion – on polarity and divine unity, on psychodynamic magnetism, on purpose of life, on TANTRIC LOVE, SEXUAL MAGIC and SACRED RELATIONSHIP according to the MYSTERY SCHOOLS of ancient KASHMIR and EGYPT.

You will get mastery in the Art of Tantric Touch and the authentic CASHMIRIAN MASSAGE and we will INAUGURATE YOU INTO THE HOLY TANTRIC ESSENCE.

It is not just a seminar but a returning to our source, to our divine core of being, a SOUL INITIATION PROCESS, a living experience within our loving, ecstatic TANTRIC FAMILY. Together we become the seeds, that will blossom and will contribute to the RADIANT EVOLUTION of our planet and it’s creatures.

After this seminar you will be ready to take the prescious Tantric Wisdom Treasure with you into your every day life and share it with the whole world… All participants of this INTENSIVE RETREAT will receive a INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE.

Beginners are just as welcome as advanced.