... a thousands of years old moving meditation

Tandava is a freely improvised, very slow and continuous meditative dance, without any voluntary action. It leads us into a deep relaxation that allows our body to tune in a very subtle way like a musical instrument, so that it can vibrate harmoniously with the vibrations of the Cosmos. This process of vibrating with totality is called „Spanda“ and is innate to us, but it cannot be manifested, when we are tense and rigid on an emotional, mental or physical level.

The Divine Touch

The magic of Tantric Touch

The communication through touch is much deeper and more intimate than words can ever be, because we have cosmic bodies that are equipped with all the wisdom of the universe.
To touch and to be touched, is one of the basic needs of every human being. Not being touched starves our soul, our body solidifies and our heart closes. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is dominated by the fear of touching.
Just do not get too close, is our motto, but if we do so, it’s often combined with
explicit sexual intention.

Tantra meets Kizomba

The Healing Embrace of Kizomba

For all tantrikas, who want to experience a new dimension of deep joy to be alive, alert awareness and unity through this fascinating dance and for all Kizomba- dancers who want to, deepen their CONNECTION to themselves, to their dancing partners, to the music and to the space and who want to enjoy dancing more consciously. through the ancient spiritual tradition of Tantrism…